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New generation adhesives, specifically developed for wounds and dermal incisions. Favouring wound care and creating a protective layer against external factors. Safe and easy application. Products available at home, medical care, dentists, surgery...
Innovative formulations for veterinary use, available for companion animals and poultry.... Comfortable and easy application, no adverse effects... Wound and scratches care available for domestic use. Contributing adequate solutions to veterinary procedures.
Cosmetic use medical grade adhesives, available for professional and particular use. Fast and easy application products, specifically designated according Cosmetic European Legislation.

The Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, within the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013 2016 granted aid to the project "High Performance Cyanoacrylate Adhesives" led by CUANTUM COSMETICS S.L. with file number RTC-2016-5683-1. This project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation within the COLLABORATION CHALLENGES Subprogram, Call 2016. The project is co-financed by the European Union with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.

Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) 
Una manera de hacer Europa

CUANTUM COSMETICS S.L participates in the project "LION-HD: Industrial research of strategic materials for high energy density and cost optimized lithium-ion batteries in sustainable electromobility" (MIG-20201021).
This project has been subsidized by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), in the call for 2019 of the MISSIONS Program, within the framework of the State Business Leadership Program in R + D + I, of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Cuantum develops, manufactures and markets high performance Cyanoacrylate adhesives to be used in Medicine, Veterinary and Cosmetics. We are committed to offer efficient, quick and simple solutions as healing assistants for skin lacerations and wounds and for improving commonly used techniques in beauty treatments.
From the very beginning, born target for Cuantum medical cosmetics, S.A. has been to become a reference company in the field of the Cyanoacrylate adhesives to be used in regulated and high added value markets as Medical and Cosmetics. Cuantum has been established in 2015 and merged closely linked to Afinitica, a well known leading company in this sector.
The important technological transfer agreements between both companies, let Cuantum to have a very relevant background and the option of using its own technology for developing new and advanced formulations which can provide new goals to the main Cuantum business markets.

Stinnow Woundfix

Liquid bandage available in Benelux

Woundfix BV, new commercial partner in consumer health channel

Cuantum Oral Adhesive

CUANTUM Oral Adhesive is a liquid bandage and adhesive for oral procedures.

It is mainly indicated for:

• Closure of oral mucosa incision
• Surgical dressing
• Free gingival graft
• Closure of periodontal flaps
• Alveolar Osteitis
• Adjuvant to suture, reducing dehiscence and infection rate

How to apply a liquid bandage

Innovative and effective solutions for woundcare

A single layer of Cuantum Liquid Bandage, favourizes wound care for days.

New Eyelash Extension project

Cuantum Medical gets into innovative products in North America

Thanks to a new partnership, Cuantum Medical Cosmetics Eyelash Extension adhesives are available in USA and Canada.

Districa, dental Italian partner


Districa and Cuantum Medical, have agreed to commercialize Cuantum Oral Adhesive in Italian dental market.

Italian dentists have available oral liquid bandage indicated for wounds sealing and protection, free gingival grafts and surgical dressings.

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics, provides high performance adhesives for healthcare professionals.

Icryl vet-bond

Suitable adhesives for all animal’s skin wounds

Endovision has started commercialization of liquid bandages manufactured by CUANTUM Medical Cosmetics, in South-Korean animal health market.

Veterinary adhesive is available for professionals, which is indicated for skin wounds, dental procedures and minor surgeries in animals.

Thanks to this partnership, South Korean veterinary professionals have available advantages of liquid bandages during daily practice.


Innovation to protect and seal minor wounds

BETER and CUANTUM Medical Cosmetics, have signed a commercialization agreement, which allows to market MIMETIK® in Spain and Portugal healthcare market.

Manufactured product by Cuantum Medical Cosmetics is commercialized in pharmacies, parapharmacies and department stores available for domestic use.

MIMETIK® by BETER is a tissue adhesive, which protect from minor skin lesions: superficial cuts, chafing, scratches, cracks, erosions, stepparents and other skin lesions.

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics offers novedous and simply solutions for daily care.

Cuantum Cura Rápido Plus+

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics unveils the Cura Rápido Plus+

Due to the continuous R&D team’s improvement, Cuantum introduces a new product within its veterinarian product range intended for pets and small animals.
Cura Rápido Plus+ is an extension of the already existing Cuantum Cura Rápido. This new product maintains the properties of the original one but presents a higher viscosity that allows an easier, simpler and more efficient application.

On this way, Cuantum Medical Cosmetics keeps working in order to achieve excellence within the tissue adhesive field.

Cuantum + que una tirita (II)

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics increases its presence in the health industry

With the launch of the Sport, Home and Professional lines, Cuantum positions itself as an alternative to regular bandages that can be found nowadays in the market, through the offer of an innovative product indicated for minor wound closures and skin lacerations that may occur while doing daily activities.

Composed of n-butyl cyanoacrylate, Cuantum + que una tirita creates a flexible and waterproof layer that sloughs off as the thermal layer regenerates. The flexibility of the resulting protector film allows realizing any task without causing any discomfort.

Medical grade monomers

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics expands its business through the offer of medical grade monomers.

In this way, Cuantum increases prominently the company’s portfolio, which is going to develop both standard monomers and tailor-made monomers with purity levels above 99,0%.
The cyanoacrylate medical grade standard monomers catalogue will feature basically three different compounds: 2-octyl cyanoacrylate, n-Hexyl cyanoacrylate and n-butyl cyanoacrylate. Those molecules may be supplied on regular basis and in a quantity range from lab to industrial ones.
The monomers production process will be done according to the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).
On the other side, tailor-made monomers will be manufactured according to the client needs and wants, varying the side chain structure according to what is needed. Cuantum will carry out the synthetic pathway development and the lab scale supply, with the possibility of scaling up the process.

NEOTEC-CDTI Resolution

Cuantum obtains a grant from the CDTI, a body belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

The NEOTEC-CDTI programme has as its main objective the creation and consolidation of new companies with scientific-technological base. The program targets small and innovative companies (of maximum 4 years old) with a business plan that requires the use of technology or know-how developed from the research activity and whose business strategy is focused in technology development.

+ que una tirita

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics is finalizing the launch of a new product under the line “+ que una tirita”. The line will cover specific different fields such as feet care, sport, professional and home.

“+ que una tirita” represents a major development in front of regular bandages that can be found nowadays in the market as it works as a second artificial skin by creating a protector film. Composed of n-butyl cyanoacrylate it creates a slim resistant waterproof layer that naturally sloughs off as the affected dermic area regenerates. Its easy application makes it a perfect ally to fight against cracks, scrapes, blisters, small wounds and cuts among others. The release date for the feet care line is planned for this March, and will be found in 3 different distribution channels such as parapharmacy, shoe shops and shoe repair shops.

Rubén Sáez - Doctor magna cum laude

Our colleague Rubén Sáez Fraile, R&D manager, defended his doctoral dissertation last November 3rd at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, obtaining the maximum possible distinction. The PhD, framed within the program of the Generalitat de Catalunya for industrial PhD’s, was a great success.

The thesis, titled “Controlled living anionic polymerization of cyanoacrylates by frustrated Lewis pair based initiator” studied the controlled polymerization of cyanoacrylate adhesives, achieved for the first time in this work. The results obtained offer promising business opportunities, as well as new applications for commercial products composed of cyanoacrylates.

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics SA has been awarded with the “Retos” project, granted by the Spanish ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness and co-financed by the FEDER.

The project aims the development of new monomer formulations made of cyanoacrylate with the prospect of secure its approval for medical and cosmetic applications, as well as the development of new photo-polymerization that provide industrial and intellectual property.

As a result, the achievement of new long chain cyanoacrylates with superior features than the ones currently available has been foreseen, together with new formulations that allow to reduce significantly the healing time and provide material with improved stability in front of physiological environments, offering to the market broadly desired solutions. The proposed methodology considers the characterization of the toxicological and biocompatibility profile of the formulations, as well as its efficacy profile “ex vivo” and “in vivo” into a veterinary surgical environment. Finally, the optimization and escalation of manufacturing processes will be treated, assuring the commercial exploitation of the obtained results.

Inveready takes a minority stake in Cuantum Medical Cosmetics, SA

The company bioadhesive born with an investment of 1.6 M €.

Barcelona January 28, 2016. Inveready has invested in Cuantum Medical Cosmetics, SA. Ramon Bacardit (previously executive at Henkel) and Ferran Pujol (former R&D manager at Spanish pharma Almirall) founded Cuantum in November 2015 to develop and market adhesives based on cyanoacrylates for medical, veterinary and cosmetic applications. Cuantum will commercialize cyanoacrylate monomers and formulations. The 1,6 million Euros round was raised from the founders, private investors, and Inveready.

”What attracted us to Cuantum, was the proven track-record of these serial entrepreneurs that have already shown an exceptional ability to generate high-growth businesses in mature markets in record time” says Sara Secall, Investment Director at Inveready.


The government of la Generalitat de Catalunya in Spain announced Ramon Bacardit as one of the recipients of the prestigious medal Narcis Monturiol

These awards are made in recognition of scientific and technical merit to individuals and entities who have made significant contributio to the development of science and technology in Catalonia.

One recipient of this award is : Ramón Bacardit

Doctor of chemical research UAB. From 1981-2013 he worked in various positions in Henkel where he directed various R&D groups that generated more than 50 patents each year. From 2009-2013 he was an Honorary Professor in Tongii University, Shanghai. Today he is the CEO of Cuantum Medical and Cosmetics S.A. which is located in Campus UAB.

Innovative solutions
for wounds and incisions
develops daily healthcare products, for domestic and professional use. Our products portfolio is developed and manufactured according European Health Legislation, obtaining high performance liquid bandages.

Liquid bandage for domestic and professional use.

Medical device intended for the care of dermal wounds and scratches.

Favouring wounds closure and forming a protective layer.

Application of a thin layer in affected area. Hold during 30-40 seconds for an optimal result, obtaining wound protection for days.
n-Butyl cyanoacrylate

2g aluminium tube, allowing an accurate and precise application.
Available for 50 applications.

Easy and Effective solution for wound care
Liquid Bandage available for consumer health market,

Specialized stores
Department stores

Clinical professionals,

Primary Care
Nursing homes
Specialized clinics
Fast and effective adhesive for wound closure

Designed for situations that require a quick response. Applied in thin layers, it solidifies in 20-30 seconds creating a strong and durable film
n-Butyl cyanoacrylate
1 g aluminum tube

Rapid response for wound protection and closure
Medical device available for medical use

Sports medical teams
Emergency rooms
Primary care centers
Medical device, developed for incisions and surgical sutures closure.

Favouring suture and incision closure, with a high application accuracy in affected area. Adequate as unique suture and combined with other suture techniques.

Application of a thin layer in incision and keep pressure for 40-50 seconds.
n-Hexyl cyanoacrylate
“High Precision Dispensing System” with 0.5 mL monodose barrels.

Innovative Technology available for healthcare professional
Medical Device available for clinical use,

Primary Care
Clinical professionals
Specialized products
Available for animals
At home, for veterinarians, poultry, ...
CUANTUMVET portfolio has been adapted to the variability of the world of animals and it transfers the goals got in the development of Medical devices for human use to the veterinary environment.
Liquid bandage available for veterinary use.

Adhesive intended for wounds healing, dental procedures and surgical practice. Forming a protective layer for days.

Application of a thin layer in wound or suture, hold for 30-40 seconds, offering an optimal protection.
N Butyl cyanoacrylate

3g eyedroppers with cannula, for an proper and accurate application.
Painless and not irritant product

Daily petcare
Available product for veterinary and domestic use,

Veterinary clinics
Specialized establishments
Department stores

Customize your look
shows a product portfolio, specially developed for eyelash extensions. Effective and safe solutions, available for professionals and particulars.

EYELASH extension
Eyelash extension adhesive, designed for professionals which requires high prestation products.

Fixing time, 1-2 sec
Durability, 4 weeks
Compatible with eyelash mascara and
daily activities.

Available in black and colorless
n-Ethyl cyanoacrylate

HDPE eyedropper with 5g

Perfect nails art
introduce products portfolio which are developed according specific requirements of beauty professionals and customers. Showing high quality products for daily nails customization.
Cosmetic adhesive for false nails and decorative personalization

Fixing time, 10 sec
Durability, 4 weeks
Compatible with daily routine
n-Ethyl cyanoacrylate

Eyedrop bottle.
Content, 3g.
Available for cosmetic professionals and domestic use
Nails coating for weak and brittle nails

• Hard and resistant layer formation, offering protection and resistance for daily routine.

• Aesthetic and gloss effect, compatible with nails polish.

Drying time (30-40 seg)
Durability, 2 weeks
Compatible with daily routine
n-Ethyl cyanoacrylate
HDPE bottle with brush.
Content, 8 g
Available for particular and professional use.

Cuantum Medical Cosmetics S.L., is located in the “Parc de Recerca de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” (UAB), just in the “Edifici Eureka” in a high technological environment beside other activity related companies. This area is inside the UAB grounds, so very close to University Faculties and Research Centres, which facilitates the option of establishing high level contacts and working collaborations.

Our facilities are, a central office and a laboratory area, which is shared with Afinitica Technologies S.L., a company linked to Cuantum since its inception.

If you are interested in the Company, in any of its products or you’d like to request information about any item related to the Cyanoacrylate adhesives, please, do not hesitate to CONTACT us.

Specialists in development
High Performance
cyanoacrylate monomers.
CUANTUM Medical Cosmetics offers specialized advisory in development, manufacturing and commercialization of cyanoacrylate monomers.

Medical grade cyanoacrylate monomers

Commercialization and supply of cyanoacrylate monomers with healthcare and cosmetic applications; medical devices, surgical products, beauty care, ...
2-Octil cyanoacrylate
n-Hexil cyanoacrylate
n-Butil cyanoacrylate

“Tailor made” cyanoacrylate monomers

Synthesis of cyanoacrylate molecules according projects requirements, obtaining high performance composts based on characteristics properties of each monomer.

Our know-how makes the difference

Liquid Bandages ...
for oral health
Products specifically developed for dental procedures, protecting from external factors and favouring wound closure.

Liquid Bandage intended for oral and dental procedures

Medical device intended for oral wounds and sutures. Favouring wounds closure and forming a protective layer.

Application of a thin layer in affected area. Wait 30-40 seconds for an optimal closure.
n-Butyl cyanoacrylate.

HDPE eyedropper with 5g of liquid bandage. Available with applicators for an accurate and adequate application.

Biomedical Innovation adapted for professionals